Organizational Values and Characteristics
  • Respect
  • Responsibilities
  • Integrity
  • Advocacy
  • Humble Servant

Every single employee and staff member I met had a "servant's" attitude. They were kind, courteous, attentive and helpful. The aides, housekeepers and nurses went to great lengths to comfort me. I especially want to thank your physical and occupational therapy department. I have never worked with a better department!

John Wieman, Cincinnati, Ohio November 2015


Success Story

Jacob is a 25 year old who had admitted to Judson Care Center December 2015 with a diagnosis of Traumatic Brain Injury and a fracture of his femur after a near fatal car accident. Upon admission to Judson, Jacob required full assistance from all staff for transfers, toileting, bathing, and dressing. Due to the severity of the car accident it was unlikely that he would be able to walk again, but his goal was to get to a place where he could care mostly for himself. Both Physical and Occupational Therapy treated Jacob throughout his stay here and we are happy to say that in December 2016 he successfully went home with his family. Ad discharge Jacob was able to transfer himself out of bed and into his motorized chair and also was able to complete all activities of daily living independently or with very minimal assistance. We'd like to congratulate Jacob on his success and wish him well at home!

Jennifer Hartings, Therapy Director

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